About Adam

Hello, I'm Adam.

I'm the guy behind this iteration of #FCKCNCR.

I'm good at a few things, but one thing I'm not so great about is writing about myself. Doesn't everyone say that? 

I am (at the time of writing this) 36 years old. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, although have been living in Melbourne for the past few years.

I'm a passionate traveller, have been to many exciting places - and there's still more on my list. I love food, pop culture, music and my cavoodle puppy Walter Burrito. 

My day job of the last 15 years has largely centred around publicity - especially with entertainment brands - but I've also dabbled as a National Online Content Editor for a major radio network, a journalist and even as General Manager of a celebrity-founded family charity. 

After feeling pretty trash for a few months, I decided to drag myself to my GP while visiting my parents over Christmas. That's when they (eventually) found out I had cancer.

What was originally planned as a 3 week vacation stay has turned into four months, and looks as if I'll be continuing to stay. Talk about overstaying my welcome. 

And that's pretty much me. Thanks for reading - and thanks for supporting #FCKCNCR.