This is your page to go to for contact details, FAQs, Shipping Policies and more little bits and bobs. 


Thank you for your interest in the FCKCNCR Shop! We really are thrilled you're looking to help us unite and fck it off once and for all. Want to get in touch? 

Business / Shop Enquiries:

Speak to Adam direct:

or send us a note on social! @fckcncrshop 


Here's a little playlist we're currently vibing to at FCKCNCR - let us know if we're missing any fckng good songs. Needs more Natalie Imbruglia I think. 


Q. Can you build me a custom box?
A. We absolutely can! In fact, we'd be delighted to. All you have to do is purchase one of our custom box options here - and we'll then be in touch with what we can do for the budget you've selected. You won't be charged until you accept the option :) 

Q. Can you send the box without the 'FCK CNCR' branding?
A. We absolutely can! Obviously we'd still prefer to FCKCNCR together, but perhaps you'd like to send your person a box for another illness or rough patch they're going through. Just let us know in the order notes and we'll send in a plain box.

Q. Can I add things to an existing box? 
A. You know it. The only limits are your imagination and your budget. Send us a note if you'd like to amp up an existing box with any other unique items. 

Q. Can you ship to hospitals? 
A. Here's the bad news - we can't send FCK CNCR boxes or apparel directly to hospital wards at this time as incoming mail has proven tricky at hospitals.

Here's the good news - you can have your gift sent directly to the person's home or a PO BOX address, or you could even send it to yourself so that you can hand deliver it.

If it's essential your item goes directly to a patient in hospital, we can absolutely try our best, however this comes with an additional courier charge. Please get in touch to let us know and we'll send you a quote. Sadly we can't accept refunds if your item was not able to be delivered direct to a patient if they had moved beds, wards or were not available at the time of delivery to accept the parcel. 

Q. Can you do same day delivery? 
A. We can in NSW Metro areas, but we're not going to lie it's expensive! If you place your order by 10am we can arrange to have it to your recipient that same day - however it comes with an additional express courier cost. Please get in touch if you'd like a quote! 

Q. How long will my item take to arrive? 
A. All orders received by 12pm on weekdays will be packed and prepared for same day dispatch. All items are sent via Sendle Couriers unless otherwise noted (like our letters, cards and smaller items) I am unfortunately a slave to their system and your postcode but when your item ships you'll receive a Sendle tracking number. Order on the weekend and your box will be booked for send out first thing Monday morning!  

Q. Why are some of your items on pre-order? 
A. All our Gift Boxes are in stock and available to ship within 24 hours of purchase. Our shirts are a slightly different story - I would love to be able to have every size in stock and ready to roll, but unfortunately while I go through treatment I don't have the financial backing to be able to buy up all the stock. So for now, the shirts are released in pre-order waves each month with declared cut-off dates. 

Q. Do you offer layby/afterpay/zip pay?
A. Not yet, but soon! I promise. But if you're struggling to pay your item, or want to pay a different way, please get in touch with me here. 

Q. Do you ship anywhere else but Australia?
A. At the moment no, we do not ship to anywhere else but Australia as we're just a start up, but it's not impossible. Please get in touch to discuss if you want to send an order somewhere else in the world. 

Q. How do I know my donation has been sent?
A. Every order placed on the FCKCNCR Shop has a declared donation built into it to the charity or foundation you chose at the time of purchase. You'll receive a notification when your donation has been submitted. We aim to process and send on all donations within 30 business days of receiving them.

Q. Can I choose to donate to a different charity?
A. Yes if your charity is officially registered in Australia - and supports or aids cancer, cancer research or patients. We sadly cannot donate to personal GoFundMe pages or similar. 

Q. Who is answering my emails?
A. That would be our Customer Happiness Officer, Walter Burrito. Just kidding, he's a cavoodle. But if he could type, he definitely would. You'll always be speaking to a real human, named Adam. 

Q. I'm a business owner, brand or marketer and I want to work with you - how do I do that? 
A. We welcome one and all. If you'd like to chat about how your brand or business could support FCKCNCR or work on any collaborations together - please get in touch!