Hi, my name is Adam and, without mincing words, I want cancer to go and get fcked

Welcome to the FCKCNR Shop - created for people with cancer by a person with cancer. Me.

Ultimately I have one aim - to fuck cancer right off. And so The #FCKCNCR shop is born.

I know it's not a new movement, or a new term even, but for me there was a power in removing the vowels (more on that later) and instead of telling myself to be strong, or be happy, I decided to harness my energy into something that resonated with me more. So let's FCKCNCR together.

My experience with cancer has (so far) shown me that we all go through things differently - and use different coping mechanisms. For me, it's this store. The ultimate distraction from an otherwise hideous time.

So please read more about it, check out the apparel and gifts (which all have donations built into them going back to supporting those with cancer) and if you've got any questions then why not send me a note?

Thank you for visiting, have a nice day and thank you in advance for continuing to help spread the word. Honestly... FCK CNCR!

Adam x

What is the FCK CNCR Shop?

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... I'm not finished, yet.

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Cancer Gift Box with women's interest products including a GRL PWR stemless wine glass, sleeping eye mask, puzzle book, RAWW Hand Cream, Holographic Face Mask, Prosecco Soap, Maybelline Lip Balm and Mixed Puzzles book.

FCK CNCR Gift Boxes

Specially curated by me and always changing - the FCK CNCR Gift Box Collection was created by someone with cancer for people with cancer. These cute hauls are designed to put a smile on your face and not break the bank.

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Want to know the cancer organisations your purchase can go towards helping?

Every. single. purchase on The FCK CNCR Shop has a charity donation built into it - and all go towards the organisation you choose from your list of supported charities and foundations.

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